How to Deposit and Withdraw Money at Online Casino

There are many people who imagines credit cards, debit cards are the only way in terms of deposit / withdrawal in the online casino, but there is another method to deposit which is using through payment service once without paying directly to the casino.

The payment service is a must in terms of playing online casino games because it can be used on withdrawal too.

Also the money you put on to payment service, you can use it on other online casinos which uses same payment service. With that you save money on payment fees and save time.

Benefits of payment service

There is no need to give or take money directly with the casino when depositing money.

If the corresponding services are the same, deposit / withdrawal at multiple casinos is smooth.

Depending on payment service, you can withdraw money with ATM by using card.

Because it is an overseas payment service, it tends to be a transaction with special anonymity.

With that, you can deposit and withdraw money even in casinos which do not correspond to credit card.

Debit card - Credit card payment

Credit cards are the quickest and easiest way to make deposits on the Internet, not just online casinos.

Online casinos that previously could not use credit cards were common, but the reason for this was that card companies did not allow them to use online casinos.

Currently, credit cards has restrictions to use at overseas or using it only at dedicated countries.

This is the same for the EC site, and these will be available if you ask the card company to make payment overseas as well.

* It may not be able to be used on overseas sites by becoming usable at overseas shops.

As of now it is a credit card that you can deposit with the smallest fee, but you can not withdraw money, so you can not avoid using the payment service in either case.

What is iWallet

Since iWallet can also withdraw money from prepaid type cards at ATM, it seems that the number of corresponding sites will increase in the future as well.

However, since other settlement services may incur foreign exchange fees, it can be said that it is not so expensive considering how much to withdraw money