How to Register to Twinkle Casino

Registration and so on to online casino are have been imagined as troublesome, but in reality it is not so difficult. If you are a person who has purchased products on the internet such as EC site, you should think that there is not much difference. We can ensure you that, that's okay. There are no major differences in the procedure for registering to the online casino, so please refer to the following when registering at the twinkle casino.

Software Download

First of all, download the software to play games to the PC or smartphone you want to play.

There is no need to pay money to software, you can get it for free with just registration of e-mail address etc.

When playing with a PC, there are many casinos which only supported for windows, but you can play on Twinkle Casino with the browser and you do not have to download it, you can also play with smartphone or tablet terminal with registration only.

User Registration

You can easily register by reading and clicking to “I agree to the terms and conditions of online casino” and perform user registration. Most online casinos have "free play" that you can play for free and "pay play" to play by depositing, but since you have to pay money to the casino and manage money, it will increase forms that you should fill.

Customer information’s input

For the registration, basically you just input your name and some informations. You do not enter any informations about bank account or anything, all you need is an e mail adress, and if you feel uncomfortable to use your personal one, we suggest you to open a new account at any free e mail servise provider and use it.

If the currency is "USD" it is almost done. If you wish to receive e-mails of promotional information, such as notifications of events and campaigns, check it. It would not be too much of mail coming so it would be better for you to check it.

The name registered as a user name is the name displayed on the game screen. There is no problem with recognition such as nickname or handle name.

Payment and Play Games

In the case of "paying play" which you actually pay money for betting play, you will play by paying in. In case of free play you can play without payment so you can play without paying.

As for the payment method, websites which are using credit cards, debit cards, or various payment services is common, but please have a look on the deposit / withdrawal method page as well.

Depending on each online casino, payment methods that can be used and payment services are different, but a manual about payment method after registration is also prepared, so please refer to that as well.